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We get this question a lot and the answer is simply YES, absolutely! we welcome all customers from all areas of Australia to call us 24 Hours , 7 Days for all your glass replacement needs!

No matter how big or small give Aussie Glass a call!
0418 881 551 or 1800 00 44 11

Because all windows are different, and there is no ‘Standard Size’ window, the cost of any window changes depending on the size, type and labour involved in fixing the window.

For a free over the phone quote call 1800 00 44 11 or 0418 881 551

Due to the current Australian Standards AS-1288. Any glass under a certain height or of a certain size or in a certain location has to be glazed in safety glass. This is for your own and others safety.  For more information regarding Safety Glass call 0418 881 551 or 1800 00 44 11

Our glaziers will aim to finish your job in the most efficient and safest way possible however the time it takes to fix a window depends on many variables such as the size, how fare off the ground, shape, type of window and many other factors.

When Float glass breaks it can be very dangerous as it breaks into big sharp chunks everywhere.

Safety Glass 1: Laminated glass is two sheets of glass with a plastic laminate sheet glued in the center, this glass will only crack and will stay together.

Safety Glass 2: Toughened Glass is a heat treated glass which is harder to break than regular glass. When toughened glass breaks it crystallizes and breaks into millions of little pieces reducing the potential harm.

Toughened glass is glass that has gone through a process of heating and cooling to make the glass have a higher impact level, this glass shatters into little pieces when broken.

Laminated glass is two sheets of glass with a plastic laminate sheet glued in the centre, this glass will only crack and will stay together.

No, we recommend you leave all the glass the way it is as it is very sharp and dangerous! All our glaziers have brooms and vacuums on their trucks and will be more than happy to clean up the broken glass and dispose of it safely.

We have recently introduced Automotive Glass to the Gold Coast Areas only!

If you are in any other locations we are unable to service your area for Automotive Glass at this stage we unfortunately don’t specialize in Automotive glass, However in the future we may venture into this line of work.

Yes, we accept all major credit cards for payment with a 1.5% surcharge.

To meet current Australia Standards and for the safety of yourself and your pets we only use toughened glass. Toughened glass has to be cut especially for your requirements; it will have the hole cut in the glass and will be heat treated to strengthen the glass ready for the pet door to be installed in it.

Unfortunately once  glass is scratched or chipped there is no way to simply Repair this only, It will require the entire panel to replaced with a new panel. If you would like a free quote please give our friendly staff a call.

Yes, we can help you with all types of film and signage. Unlike other glass company’s who outsource their sign writing Aussie Emergency Glass has a brother company ‘Aussie Printing, Stickers& Signs’ which means we are able to produce all of our own signage in house which results in a quicker turn around and a more competitive price.

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